If you are currently going through domestic violence/abuse please do not suffer any longer. You can reach out to us on either of the below numbers, and one of our team will be available to talk to you confidentially.

Helplines: 07845132627 or 07845132666

What We Do

Galeforce is a charitable non-profit organisation established in 2010. We provide education, training, awareness raising, advice and support on a wide range of issues for women, men and same sex couples that are affected by homelessness, domestic violence and abuse, sexual exploitation, alcohol and substance misuse, offending, disability and workplace issues.

Domestic abuse is complex and often misunderstood and not recognised by families, friends and even victims. Our services ensure that domestic violence and abuse is properly understood and identified.

The Office of National Statistics (2017) showed that between March 2014 and March 2016, 242 women were killed by a male partner/ex-partner and one was killed by a female partner/ex-partner. During this same period, 72 men were killed, 32 by their male partner/ex-partner and 40 by a female partner/ex-partner. Men are also victims and affected by domestic abuse from the statistics and this includes abuse of the most violent kind. Our aim is to ensure that all victims of domestic violence and abuse benefit from our services.

We specialise in all aspects of training and development of staff from a wide range of organisations from the public sector, NHS Foundation Trusts, and private sector. Galeforce also promotes equality and learning through music, training, workshops, seminars and conferences. Trainers, staff and volunteers are involved in the facilitation and delivery of all activities. Galeforce’s work is based on meeting the needs of our local communities.


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