Our People

Our Team

We are committed and dedicated to supporting victims through the cycle of domestic violence and abuse and transforming the lives of vulnerable women, men, children and young people.

Erica Rolle

Chief Exectutive

Erica is Chief Executive of Galeforce and has over 27 years expertise in the field of housing, employment law, policy and strategy and domestic violence and abuse. Erica has an excellent track record of outstanding and successful achievements on delivering domestic violence projects and programmes including high profile conferences, workshops and training to combat all forms of domestic violence and abuse.

Gabriel Awosika

Director of Legal and Strategy

Gabriel has over 10 years of combined legal practice and local authority experience.
Gabriel also has a range of experience in Law firm management and providing regulatory training. He is also actively involved in the areas of Sports and Entertainment, whereby he currently represents footballers across the English Leagues and many award-winning musicians across Europe.

Desmond Phillips

Director of Culture Leisure and Sport

Desmond has successfully delivered projects in culture and sport and works to restore the mental and physical health of vulnerable young people/adults. He brings a wealth of knowledge in community improvement including excellent partnership working.

Carmello Lammy

Director of Housing and Supply

Carmello has been in the field of Housing Options and Advice for over 20 years. Carmello has in depth knowledge and expertise in housing legislation and working in partnership with external agencies and in strategic planning on housing issues on a local and national level.

Elizabeth Lammy

Head of Administration and ICT

Elizabeth has a track record of effective and efficient administration, customer care and the regulating of system reports for over 13 years. Elizabeth also has extensive knowledge in overseeing operations and resources within services and managing groups and co-ordinating with management in the planning and guidance to support groups, committees and network functions and meetings.

Tania Patterson

Domestic Abuse Co-ordinator

Tania has a wide range of experience in customer care, marketing and advertising, safeguarding and consultation with Department heads on training, policy, reports and service intelligence. Tania has led on a number of projects and presentations on domestic abuse and has expertise in managing social events and community projects. She brings her expertise in safeguarding vulnerable victims of domestic abuse and is passionate about raising awareness about domestic abuse and supporting the emotional and practical needs of all victims that are affected.

Angela Bovell

Children and Young People Service Manager

Angela has 33 years of local authority experience in Youth engagement and Management. Angela has set up different projects on areas for children and young people, music, dance, and refugees events to raise awareness for young people. Angela was lead officer for Youth against Violence (YAV) chaired by Chief of Police and supported by the MPs and Mayor. Angela has supported young people in schools and the local community and worked in partnership with ITN on community based programmes to involve young people in the facilitation of events and projects.

Suzie Rose

Head of Finance and Audit

Suzie has has been in the field of Finance and Banking for 30 years and has expertise in financial and risk management including the development of partners for investment, audit arrangements and system for internal control, planning and monetary regulation.

Our Patrons

We Inspire, Empower, Educate and Liberate

Nazir Afzal OBE

Chief Crown Prosecutor for the North West of England and formerly Director in London

Most recently, Nazir was Chief Executive of the country’s Police & Crime Commissioners. During a 24 year career, he has prosecuted some of the most high profile cases in the country and advised on many others. He led nationally on several legal topics including Violence against Women & Girls, child sexual abuse, and honour based violence. He had responsibility for more than 100,000 other prosecutions each year. His prosecutions of the so called Rochdale grooming gang, BBC presenter Stuart Hall and hundreds of others were groundbreaking and drove the work that has changed the landscape of child protection. He has, since stepping down, also become an international expert on extremism and radicalisation.

Ann-Marie Cousins

Director of Kwanzaa Promotions Limited

Ann-Marie Cousins is a community champion who was elected as one of 42 Labour Councillors, in May 2014, for the Royal Borough Greenwich.

Ann-Marie has been a Justice of the Peace (Magistrate) since 2000 sitting on both criminal and family cases; she has many years experience local government experience working in Health and Safety, Equality and Diversity issues and establishing RBG's disability brand in the lead up to the 2012 Paralympics.

Ann-Marie has a longstanding career in the voluntary and community sector. She is Chair of Greenwich African-Caribbean Organisation which she co-founded with Mavis Best MBE in 2002. She is a longstanding Treasurer of Simba Housing Association, an African and Caribbean led organisation focused on housing and supporting in particular vulnerable young African and Caribbean peoples and their families. She also has many years School Governor experience helping to turn around failing schools and championing the need for better diverse representation amongst teaching staff.

In her professional career, through volunteering and in her personal life, Ann-Marie loves to help others. She stands firmly on the side of the oppressed, the neglected and the abused. Her reward is seeing the smiles on people's faces when barriers to personal dreams and achievements are overcome.
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